What is your Lost Ball?

You’re given only one ball in this life.

It’s your full potential, fully in play. 

Let’s find it together.

@ Lost Ball Consulting…

We exist to help leaders and organizations put their full potential into play.

Having a “lost ball” does not mean that you’re lost. In fact, most likely you’re off-the-charts successful. It does mean, however, that there’s much more to who you are–  your core self, your immense talents, and the impact you’re having on those you lead.

Research shows that:

  • On average, only 58% of a team’s potential is fully in play
  • 82% of all team members feel undervalued and misunderstood
  • We refer to this as THE MILLION DOLLAR PROBLEM: for every $2.5M in revenue, the average company loses an additional $1M

Now That’s a Lost Ball!

For some, their lost ball is a guiding sense of purpose. For others, it’s team performance or personnel conflicts. For others still, it’s the ability to execute at the highest level.

What we each have in common, however, is that we are responsible to find that lost ball, seize it, and put it fully into play.

Our Core Services

We specialize in two laser-focused areas: 

  • LEADING: equipping leaders to liberate others 
  • SPEAKING: equipping speakers to elevate the message

We coach leaders one-on-one, collectively in cohorts, and within organizations of all sizes and throughout all sectors. As licensed guides, we use the GiANT WORLDWIDE platform, with its thousands of online resources and scalable system that unlocks everyone’s full potential.

In short, we’ll help you find your lost ball and put it fully into play.

Let’s start looking together!

the problem…

Remember… back in the day, when the backyard beckoned you?  

Your sandlot pals dropped their rusty bikes in a tangled mess on your front lawn, went through your side gate, and joined you for a summer day of freedom and possibility?

You played many games back there but, for many, it was baseball. Or Wiffle Ball. Or tape ball. Or ragball. Or stickball. Whatever your version, there was often one problem: you had just one ball.

With one odd bounce or bad throw that ball was gone— swallowed by a stingy shrub, sailed over a cranky neighbor’s fence, or slobbered in Kujo’s clutches. 

One lost ball can shut the whole game down, until – that is – you find it again…

Life is like that, but more complicated. Relationships, organizations, and businesses can all lose their ball– which is their fullest potential. This ball gives you the deepest meaning, becomes your most courageous truth, and even instills a little swagger so you can swing from your shoes.

It requires tenacity, ingenuity, humility, teamwork, and courage to find that lost ball. Come sundown or the dinner bell it doesn’t matter, you’re not going in until you do.

At Lost Ball Consulting, we specialize in helping you find that lost ball so you can put it fully into play.


How To Speak To An Empty Room – Redux

I upgraded my zoom training for pastors and communicators on “How To Speak To An Empty Room” for two great organizations, Foundry KC Church and PastorServe. Thought I’d share here. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/wc11BpT8yXJOUrOU506FRYkZJoLqT6a8hiIWqPUNz0gWoFZFx7EJzhI1vKz8I2hZ?startTime=1588693966000

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