Finding your potential.

Putting it fully in play.



It can be tempting to think that talent wins the day.  Most of us don’t lack potential.  What we lack is an intentional and comprehensive process to unlock it.  

At Lost Ball Consulting, we help leaders just like you develop new skills and unlock the potential of your people. Our time-tested and data-driven development plan will get you meaningful results, increase team performance, improve employee engagement, grow your culture, and– most importantly– positively impact your bottom line.





This is the Million Dollar Problem.  When team members feel undervalued and misunderstood, they underperform.  That potential lost affects the bottom line.

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Elevate Your Leadership Impact

Accidental leadership wastes potential.  We help great leaders become more focused, intentional, and fully alive.  The impact is undeniable.

Unlock Your People's Potential

Financial dashboards without a growth chart for your people is shortsighted.  We help grow your people, which helps grow your bottom line.

Grow Your Culture With Data

Training without metrics is ambiguous.  Our system measures five core performance indicators so that you know where you are and where you need to go.

Company Coaching

Leveraging GiANT-OS, we work with organizations of every size and sector to help build an “Invincible” culture.  We train towards five core performance drivers using actionable tools, a common language, and a scalable process that will unlock your people’s full potential.

Our approach is both high tech and high touch.  We work with each company to integrate their development goals around their own vision, values, and strategies.


Lost Ball Cohorts are groups of 6 to 8 leaders from different market sectors that seek to grow together in their professional and personal lives.

Whether they are business owners, C-Suite executives, or developing leaders, Lost Ball Cohort members are passionate about one thing: Putting their full potential and influence into play.

1-On-1 Coaching

Leadership can be a lonely place. It’s also a significant responsibility because we have been entrusted with the livelihood and wellbeing of those we lead and serve.  At Lost Ball Consulting, we work with leaders from all company sizes and sectors to liberate their influence and deepen their impact through individual coaching. 

We Understand the challenges of running an organization.

We'll help you reach the next level.

Lost Ball Consulting has decades of organizational, corporate, and not-for-profit leadership experience. We work with a wide range of companies and leaders– from small businesses to multinational companies. Our track record is impeccable and our results have led to over 90% engagement renewals. Click HERE to learn more from our clients about their Lost Ball experience.

Getting started is simple.

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Build a game plan

We ask questions.  We listen carefully.  We take it all in, so we can offer a solution specific to you and your organization.

Unleash potential

We will activate a process that not only grows your people and culture, but also unleashes your own leadership potential.

Maximize your leadership.

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