1-on-1 Coaching

Leadership can be a lonely place and it’s easy to hit a plateau. It’s also a significant responsibility because we have been entrusted with the livelihood and wellbeing of those we lead and serve. As a leader, this is THE ball you’ve been handed. At Lost Ball Consulting, we work with leaders from all company sizes and sectors to liberate their influence and deepen their impact through a method we call “People Intelligence”.

Personality Intelligence

Who are you at your deepest core?

emotional intelligence

What’s it like to be on the other side of you?

Competence intelligence

How do you liberate those you lead and serve?


This INTENSIVE is designed exclusively for personal growth and finding your “Lost Ball"

After going through a GIANT INTENSIVE, you will have:

  • Named your “Lost Ball”
  • Given language to your personal story and timeline
  • Learned your unique voice and how to bring it fully to life
  • Identified your key behaviors, patterns and choices
  • Developed a plan for how to practice both presence and productivity, prioritizing your focus with those you love, lead, and serve
  • Activated an intentional plan for growing your most important relationships
  • Implemented a focused five year “game plan”, complete with your personal vision, values, and specific calls that will help you live with intention, priority, and peace

Click here for a roadmap of the intensive.

What you can expect
  • Our times will be highly conversational, contemplative, reflective, and interactive.
  • We commit to being fully present to you, offering you both support, observations, insights, and some challenge throughout the entire process
  • Our GiANT INTENSIVE can be accomplished in three to four full days or broken out over a variety of sessions and weeks or months. 
  • While there are a variety of factors to consider, a GiANT INTENSIVE experience is on average $9,000 for the entire experience.

Maximize your leadership.

Catalyze your People.