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Every company has to invest in the bottom line. But do you invest in your people line? At Lost Ball Consulting, we work with every leader and team to grow an “Invincible” culture throughout the entire organization because, as it turns out, your bottom line and people line are inseparable.


Our Assessment is how we discover the current performance of your teams and organization.  This provides a clear focus.


Our Toolkit includes over 60 visual tools that provide a common language and profound insights to improve your lowest scores.


Our Process makes sure everyone is getting the right training experience at the right time to improve your team.

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Leveraging the GiANT-OS, we work with organizations of every size and from every sector to help them become increasingly “Invincible” through five core performance drivers:


Does everyone have communication skills and habits that are healthy and effective?


Does everyone have the necessary trust and psychological safety to fully support and challenge one another? 


Does everyone know what the vision of the organization is, how they contribute to it, and what is expected of them each day?


Does everyone maximize their potential and work on the correct things in order to help the organization achieve their goals?


Are you resourced appropriately in terms of skills, capital, and people to achieve your goals?

Relationships are your most important asset.

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Maximize your leadership.

Catalyze your People.