activation marketing

It’s easy to talk at, but not with; to push something out, but it’s not so easy to come alongside. It’s easy to host an event, but it’s an altogether different thing to create an experience.

Transactions are easy and short term. Relationships are at the heart of true and lasting activation.

At LBC, we specialize in true engagement and activation: listening, learning, and then creating the world of the possible for our clients and their most meaningful relationships.

Areas of Specialty

  • Corporate Sponsorships & Sports Marketing: we represent some of the finest companies and brands in the city, helping them find the right sponsorship opportunities that just make business sense. We have over 35 years of experience cultivating these relationships on both the property and corporate partner side.
  • Creative Collaboration: we are chronic creatives and honestly can’t help ourselves from asking questions like “What if…?” and “How come…?” and “Why not…?” Our skill sets include ideation, brainstorming facilitation, storyboarding, white boarding, writing, communicating, and constant daydreaming a better way to engage your customer.
  • Fundraising Experiences: we love to come alongside high impact local charities to design, build, and execute a fundraising experience that not only raises impact dollars but that impacts our city forever. Check out the sizzle reel of our signature event below:

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