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Thought-provoking. Passionate. Powerful Communicator. These are all adjectives that I’ve seen Dan exemplify. In my work with him, I was able to hone in on a clear and concise message that moved my audience to action. Dan supported me with tools to inspire and teach in more depth-filled and fruitful ways. Not only is Dan encouraging though his coaching, but he is practical, meets you where you are, and then helps to elevate your message to higher heights. As a public speaker, I know that the art of most messages is to speak in such a way where people think differently and have a paradigm shift. Dan’s graceful and keen coaching gave me insight, information, and awareness to connect WITH my audience on a deeper level. He supported me with discussing a topic that was both inspirational and challenging. With Dan’s coaching, I was able to incorporate more pathos into my message that married the heartstrings with the logical insight. Through Dan’s guidance, I was able to craft a powerful story and deliver it with graceful authority. He’s also fun to work with! Get ready to grow! 

Michael McGill, Jr. is a speaker, life teacher, best-selling author, T.V personality, and wellness advocate.

A TURBO BOOST in our communicator’s content and confidence– that’s what we have experienced in working with Dan Deeble and Lost Ball Consulting. Dan has beautifully woven our core values with his compelling craft and the result has been vibrant and potent communication. We speak, teach, and present with a whole new competency and engagement. Dan’s group sessions bring our team together to put lead in the pencil and his one-on-one follow up sessions sharpen the point and personalize the growth of each communicator. We should have done this a long time ago!

Brian Wright, Lead Pastor & Spiritual Janitor @ Foundry Church KC

I benefitted from Dan’s teaching for over 7 years. One day I walked up to him and asked, “how do you teach every single week and are consistently powerful, thought provoking and engaging?” This question from one communicator to another led to Dan coaching me. Dan Deeble is probably the most powerful and effective communicator I know. His ability to distill a message down to essentials regardless of how much time he has is unparalled. Dan has an ability to take complex ideas and communicate them understandably. He has an innate ability to relate to people where they are even when the groups themselves are diverse in experience, education, race and gender. It has been my privilege to watch Dan as a leader and communicator. As a leader he is passionate about those he leads, able and willing to put aside his views to allow others to speak, strategically leads toward goals and vision casts with clarity. Dan’s coaching over the years has helped me hone my messages and improve in my weakest area — be impactful with less time and words.

Kori Carew is an advocate, speaker and inclusion strategist who is passionate about people, human and civil rights, diversity and inclusion and is a former litigator and trial attorney.

For 15 years, Dan has been my communication coach. He is brilliant in how he teaches the creation of communication that is sticky meaningful and memorable. He is also one of the best storytellers I know and can have you laughing hard and thinking deeply at the same time. When I am communicating, the most difficult challenge is to be myself. Dan has given me great encouragement and practical tips on how to be authentic on stages both big and small. What’s more, Dan has encouraged and equipped me to find my voice as a woman and to use it with power.  If you want to take your communication to the next level, I encourage you to contact Dan today.  

Michelle Pemberton is the Children’s Pastor & a senior leader @ Heartland Community Church

I know how to reach any audience because of the crucial lessons I’ve received from Dan as my speaking coach. He’s given me practical exercises to improve my preparation, delivery, technique and even the nitty gritty details of structuring a message for maximum impact. And he’ll give you the feedback that nobody else will tell you but it’s the stuff you need to hear to become the communicator you were made to be.

Shibu Mathew is the Director of Family Movements @ Heartland Community Church