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GiANT WORLDWIDE unlocks human potential across 117 different countries and serves some of the best in class companies.

Case Studies

The following are GiANT success stories with best in class brands from around the world:

Speaking Coaching

Communication is foundational- getting the message right is essential- LBC hit a home run for me by helping me craft the message and coaching me on my delivery.

Jack Bastable, Co-founder of Vital Leadership

Thought-provoking. Passionate. Powerful Communicator.  As a public speaker, I know that the art of most messages is to speak in such a way where people think differently and have a paradigm shift. Dan’s graceful and keen coaching gave me insight, information, and awareness to connect WITH my audience on a deeper level. With Dan’s coaching, I was able to incorporate more pathos into my message that married the heartstrings with the logical insight. Through Dan’s guidance, I was able to craft a powerful story and deliver it with graceful authority. He’s also fun to work with! Get ready to grow! 

Michael McGill, Jr. is a speaker, life teacher, best-selling author, T.V personality, and wellness advocate.

A TURBO BOOST in our communicator’s content and confidence– that’s what we have experienced in working with Dan Deeble and Lost Ball Consulting. Dan has beautifully woven our core values with his compelling craft and the result has been vibrant and potent communication. We should have done this a long time ago!

Brian Wright, Lead Pastor & Spiritual Janitor @ Foundry Church KC

One day I walked up to him and asked, “how do you teach every single week and are consistently powerful, thought provoking and engaging?” Dan Deeble is probably the most powerful and effective communicator I know. He has an innate ability to relate to people where they are even when the groups themselves are diverse in experience, education, race and gender. Dan’s coaching over the years has helped me hone my messages and improve in my weakest areas.

Kori Carew is an advocate, speaker and inclusion strategist who is passionate about people, human and civil rights, diversity and inclusion and is a former litigator and trial attorney.

“After completing my book manuscript for a major publishing company, I needed to capture the core message and condense it into a concise, compelling delivery for upcoming speaking engagements.  I immediately contacted Dan Deeble of Lost Ball Consulting.  Dan provided an incredible process that produced not only a powerful message, but a new confidence in myself as a communicator.  I cannot recommend Dan enough for anyone that wants to get better as a communicator and leader of an organization.”

Jeff Martin, Author, “Empower– 4 Keys to Leading a Volunteer Movement”, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, FCA