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Leadership can be a lonely place. It’s also a significant responsibility because we have been entrusted with influence and with the livelihood of others. For every leader, this is THE ball you’ve been handed.

At Lost Ball Consulting, we work with leaders from all company sizes and sectors to liberate their influence and deepen their impact through “People Intelligence”.

People Intelligence is found at the intersection of 3 things:

  • PQ – Personality Intelligence – this is about “personal awareness” and learning who you are at your core, which includes:
    • Tendencies
    • Patterns
    • Strengths
    • Challenges
    • Blindspots
    • Weapons
  • EQ – Emotional Intelligence – this is about “others-awareness” and learning what it’s like to be on the other side of you. This includes:
    • Communication
    • Relationship
    • Empathy
    • Empowerment
    • Presence
    • Push + Pull
  • SQ – Skills Intelligence – this is about “task-awareness” and it includes an understanding of:
    • Leadership
    • Resilience
    • Alignment
    • Execution
    • Multiplication
    • Performance

As a licensed guide with GiANT Worldwide, we bring our clients into this life-changing and culture-avalanching intersection, based on the following principles:

Seven “People Intelligence” Principles

People are not a company’s most important resource. Relationships are. Relational competency is the most profitable long-term asset a company has. Yet it is so rarely invested in, integrated, and supported.

Relationships are the very essence of a company’s existence. If they can’t thrive within their own relationships, then they have no real story to tell.

Most companies today carry a new burden: they now have to teach basic life skills. Twenty years ago, these skills were assumed.

Technology is the new margarine. While technology can be supremely helpful, there is no substitute for simply being human with one another.

Equipping the whole employee yields reinforcing returns at work and home, leading to satisfying work relationships lead to improved home relationships, employee morale, retention, corporate culture and profit. 

Organization is not the enemy of relationship, if it’s good organization. Sound organizational practices (i.e. clear structure, communication, decision making processes, integrative efficiency, people care etc) can make work relationships so much easier.

Every company knows how to make change. Few, however, know how to transition. Change is external, but transition is internal and always late to the party.

just lean in.

Benefits & Impact

Integrated Person

  • Self Care: Boundaries, Limits, and Margins
  • How to Work From Rest (not rest from work)
  • The Lost Art of Reflection
  • The 5 Voices
  • The 5 Capitals
  • The 5 Gears
  • Secure and Significant Attachments
  • Forgivability Equals Profitability

Flourishing Relationships

  • Be a L.U.V.R. 
  • Bermuda Triangle of Communication
  • Boundaries Equal Freedom
  • Concentric Communication
  • The “Oyster Shot”

Liberated Leader

  • Change versus Transition
  • The Leadership Square
  • Manager Development
  • Team Building & Strategic Play!
  • Meaningful and Consistent Communication

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