public speaking coaching

We’ll help you find and authentically speak that courageous truth in a way that sticks. Whether you’re a CEO presenting to a venture capital firm, an entire sales force pitching new clients, prepping for a press conference, or you’re speaking at a fundraising event, LBC works with you to craft, hone, and deliver a message that inspires, provokes, and echoes far beyond the room.


  • 1:1 Coaching (on-site or videoconference)
  • On-site corporate trainings
  • Communicator School (one week intensive + coaching calls)
  • Speech writing
  • Keynote speaking

Kori Carew, TedX speaker

why talk like ted,

when you can talk like you.

Core Areas of Focus

  • Courageous Truth: what can you not NOT say— that truth so deep in you that it launches a thousand ships, moves others to action, and could even change the world?
  • Compelling Communicator: how will your audience come to trust that you know who you are, where you are taking them, and become willing to follow you into their best life? 
  • Creative Presentation: how to eliminate every distraction and make it unforgettable.

Skills You’ll Develop

  • Confidence.
  • The art and science of storytelling.
  • Discovering your own authentic voice.
  • How to ask questions that stick.
  • How to make silence speak.
  • How to structure your message to go viral (the old school way).
  • How to adapt your message to your specific audience or venue.
  • How to make a technical or trade talk accessible and actionable.
  • How to effectively use everyday metaphors, images, and media.
  • The power of crafting a talk within community.
  • How to speak into a camera as if it’s your new best friend.
  • The art of whiteboarding.
  • Slides: “The Top 10 Please Don’t Ever Ever Ever…!”
  • How to control your environment and not let it control you.
  • Technical tradecraft: eliminate distraction and quirks without losing your quirky and endearing self.
  • How to mobilize people for action.

Dan Deeble at the RE: Conference in Kansas City

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Dan Deeble: Guest Speaker

Dan Deeble is an impact communicator and has been a keynote speaker, trade show panelist, conference host, podcast guest and host, commencement speaker, fundraising inspirer, radio and TV guest, and he gives a mean pre-game speech.

Areas of Passion

Below are just a few of the topics that Dan loves to speak on. He also enjoys the challenge of writing new talks that directly meet the need of your business, association, church, or event.

  • Relationships: Dan developed a popular series of talks on healthy, thriving relationships called LOVE(MATH). This series combines deep relational truths with really bad math to offer life-changing insights.
  • Finding Your Lost Ball: addressing deep questions of identity, meaning, purpose, past pain, feeling stuck, and how it all relates back to losing that ball in the fourth grade.
  • Play, Wonder, & Curiosity: Our world needs to learn how to play again. In this talk, Dan describes how wonder can be rediscovered from contemplating the multiverse to drinking from a doggie bowl.
  • Racial Healing: Dan has a passion to address two questions that can persist from within his own subculture, “Why can’t we just move on?” and “What does this have to do with me?” This talk addresses our painful reality while offering hope for a new way. True to his style, Dan courageously engages in this controversial topic with thoughtful insights, his own confessions, redemptive vision, and even a touch of whimsy.
  • Foster & Adoption: the Deebles adopted their oldest daughter from China when she was 10 months old, while also celebrating the birth of two biological daughters just months before and months after. That’s right. They went from zero children to three babies in just fourteen months. This talk addresses the mystery, pain, joy, hilarity, exhaustion, and beauty of loving beyond your bloodline.
  • Generosity: the happiest people are the most generous. Few argue this, but far less aspire to follow their example. What’s their secret sauce? Dan answers these questions through stories and insights from his own personal challenges and from the inspiring stories of others. This talk will motivate you and your community towards a way of living that leads to greater happiness, richer relationships, satisfying purpose, and– in a word– freedom.