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Maybe It Wasn’t Public Speaking That Got You Here…

But it will be your public speaking that will take you to the next level.

Most leaders advance their career through a variety of skills and competencies but public speaking is seldom one of them. If, for example, you lead an engineering firm chances are it’s because you are a great engineer. If you had a killer idea that launched your business, more than likely you’re a creative or pioneering leader.

How do you hone that craft?

To Lead At The Next Level…

You have to acquire a new skill: how to speak effectively, authentically, and in a way that advances the company forward.

Whether you’re a CEO presenting to a venture capital firm, an entire sales force pitching new clients, prepping for a press conference, or you’re speaking at a trade show, LBC works with you to craft, hone, and deliver a message that inspires, provokes, and mobilizes people to action.

Lost Ball Core Services

  • 1:1 Coaching (on-site or videoconference)
  • On-site corporate trainings
  • Communicator School (one week intensive + coaching calls)
  • Speech writing
  • Keynote speaking

Core Areas of Focus

We’ve developed a comprehensive ten step system that’s designed around three main areas of emphasis:

  • Dedicated Messenger: how will your audience come to trust that you know who you are, where you are taking them, and mobilize for action?
  • Disruptive Message: what can you not NOT say— that truth so deep in you that it launches a thousand ships, moves others to action, and could even change the world?
  • Deft Methods: how can you eliminate every distraction, create an echo, stick your landing, and offer your full presence?
Kori Carew, TedX speaker

why talk like ted,

when you can talk like you.

– dan

Skills You’ll Develop

  • Confidence.
  • Phygital Skills – how to speak in the physical and digital age
  • The art and science of storytelling.
  • Discovering your own authentic voice.
  • How to ask questions that stick.
  • How to make silence speak.
  • How to structure your “midnight mantra”.
  • How to adapt your message to your specific audience or venue.
  • How to make a technical or trade talk accessible and actionable.
  • How to effectively use everyday metaphors, images, and media.
  • The power of crafting a talk with others.
  • How to speak into a camera as if it’s your new best friend.
  • The art of white-boarding.
  • The art of Slides: “The Top 10 Please Don’t Ever Ever Ever…!”
  • How to control your environment and not let it control you.
  • Technical tradecraft: eliminate distraction and quirks without losing your quirky and endearing self.
  • How to bring the bellringer.
Dan Deeble at the RE: Conference in Kansas City